Dover Cell Group:

A cell group started from 31 Aug 2013, stationed in Dover Parkview. We hold each other and encourage each other with the love of Christ. We gathers through ZOOM and pray for each other, and build each other with a book named 40天学真爱, the relationship principles of Jesus. We speaks both Chinese and English. 

Our Fellowship timing is 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 8 to 10pm.

If you stays around Dover here, and feels to grow with us, we welcome you to join us!

Brothers Cell Group

A group of experienced brothers who prefer to use action more than words to show the love how God loves us.

We welcome anyone who are interested to join us. We value accountability and every relationships.

Feel free to approach us if you are interested to join with us!

Our fellowship timing mostly is Saturday morning.

Sisters Cell Group


我们的小组聚会是一个月两次,每两周的星期3,一般会在某个姐妹的家,时间是早上 10.30am 到12点。